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We Love Free Software Anyway

By Bjarni RĂșnar 2012-02-14, 18:43

Update: See this page for up-to-date details on the free accounts for FOSS developers.

In addition to being Valentine's day, today is the international "I love Free Software day". We had been planning to take part and use this opportunity to offer free service to people in the Free Software community, to show our thanks and hopefully make some new friends.

Then life got in the way and none of the things we had planned, got finished.

We don't have buttons people can place on their websites to link to us. We haven't finished rolling out our group-subscription infrastructure. We don't have a nice clear page explaining what we are offering and we haven't made any announcements...


We've decided to just go ahead and launch this anyway, because we love free software even when it isn't perfect - and we figure you'll forgive us if we aren't perfect either. :-)

So here's the deal...

Free PageKite Service for Free Software developers

We would like to offer free personal accounts to any developers of Free Software for the web, or free group accounts (once we get those launched) for larger projects with multiple developers.

There are only three conditions:

  1. You have to convince us that you are writing Free Software (as defined by the Debian Free Software Guidelines) and sharing your work with the general public.
  2. This software has to have something to do with the web.
  3. You have to link to us from your project's website (not necessarily the front page - installation instructions or wherever it seems most appropriate is fine).

That's all!

Since we're not perfect and haven't prepared any sort of sign-up process for this, please just create an account if you don't have one already, then simply place a comment on this post (or send an e-mail) describing your project. We'll get in touch and figure out the rest. :-)

Update: If you are new here and don't know what PageKite is or why you should care, here are a few starting points:


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