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Unable to process credit card payments

By Bjarni RĂșnar 2020-01-02, 09:33

We received some bad news in the mail on Friday.

Unfortunately, our credit card payment processor, DalPay, is no longer able to process credit card payments or subscriptions on our behalf, due to a dispute between them and their bank. As a result, we are unable to charge the majority of our retail customers for service.

This is a significant setback for our business, but it's not the end of PageKite. We have an emergency fund to deal with situations like this and we also have revenue from our OEM (white-label) customers which should keep us afloat while we sort this out.

The silver lining is: in the meantime PageKite retail service will be completely free for individuals and smaller subscription users. This is a temporary measure, until we manage to integrate with a new payment processor. Enjoy it while it lasts! We will also be reaching out to our larger subscription customers who have been using credit card payments, and asking them to switch to normal bank transfers and a quarterly invoicing schedule.

Hopefully this strategy will avoid any disruptions to our services.

We thank you all for your patience, and wish you happy holidays and a merry solstice!

Update: If your PageKite access had already expired and you find yourself unable to renew, you can use the "feeling broke" free service offer to reactivate your account: log on to your account, visit the payment page and slide the amount to its lowest setting, fill out the "feeling broke" form. This should reactivate your account and it will stay active until we are able to process payments again.


  1. warlock said on 2019-12-29, 22:19
    You guys are the best!!!! <3

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