the fast, reliable localhost tunneling solution 0.4.3 and 0.3.21 released

By Bjarni RĂșnar 2011-05-26, 12:30

New releases of are available from the download page.

Version 0.3.21 is a bug-fix release, fixing numerous issues to do with file-descriptors at the front-end.

Version 0.4.3 is the latest of our testing releases. It includes all the stability fixes from 0.3.21, but also many improved or new features, including:

  • Many small tweaks to the command-line behavior.
  • A more colorful console UI (Linux and Mac OS X only)
  • HTTP Basic authentication for both the built-in and external HTTP servers
  • Added the --only, --add, --remove, --disable and --list for manipulating the kite configuration from the command-line.


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