1. Webservers anywhere with PageKite

    Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson • PageKite.net

  2. A boat and a quake

  3. Why can't everyone run a website?

  4. Because it's complicated!

    It's pretty complicated:

  5. What kind of excuse is that?

  6. pagekite.py + pagekite.net

  7. Diagram: reverse proxied

  8. Introducing pagekite.py

    pagekite.py implements a tunneled reverse proxy.

  9. A trivial example

    This is one way to make a web server on localhost (ports 8000 and 8443) visible as http://bar.foo.net/, ...

    foo.net $ sudo pagekite.py --runas=nobody \
     --isfrontend --ports=80,443 \
    laptop $ pagekite.py \
     --frontend=foo.net:443 \
     --backend=http:bar.foo.net:localhost:8000:s3cr37 \
  10. Making progress...

    That list again:

  11. Introducing pagekite.net

    pagekite.net is a front-end service provider, a "FOSS start-up"

  12. Still more progress...

    That list again:

    What's left is "just" packaging!

  13. Already quite useful!

  14. Easy and cheap

    Easy and cheap

  15. Sharing work

    Sharing work

  16. Use-cases I've seen...

    Some other use-cases I have seen so far:

    Basically any time a router or firewall is in the way...

  17. Summary

    You don't need a Privacy Policy for your own computer.

    PageKite makes it easy to run servers anywhere.

    You don't feel earthquakes when at sea.

  18. Thank you!



  19. Bonus FAQ slide!