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2013-01-09, 10:57

There are many real-time document collaboration services available on the Internet but none of them give you the fuzzy feeling of having full control of the fruit of your labor.

You can work on a document from your desktop/laptop by running Etherpad in a virtual machine and make it available for collaboration over Internet using PageKite.

The steps:

Your document is off the Internet the minute you turn off your virtual machine. Turn it back on and continue from where you left off.


  1. Bjarni Rúnar said on 2012-10-04, 22:36
    Cool, thanks for writing this up!

    One hint, if you expect to use the VM long term, is it might be better to install the Debian package and configure it so PageKite starts on boot:
  2. Björgvin said on 2012-10-04, 23:17
    You are right. The PageKite installation could also be simplified by developing a TKLPatch for it:
  3. Björgvin said on 2012-10-05, 13:13
    I started working on a TKLPatch:
  4. Björgvin said on 2012-10-08, 00:51
    I updated the howto to use my TKLPatch.
  5. NICK NIKOLAOY said on 2012-12-06, 08:38
    What about the configuration of pagekite on windows 7?

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