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The Wish-list

By Bjarni R. Einarsson 2018-08-15, 23:11

If there are any particular features you would like to see added to or the PageKite service, feel free to edit this page and add them to the list:

Issue tracking at

Wishes that were granted

Discarded ideas


  1. potosi_no said on 2011-03-04, 15:12
    Thank you so much for this service. Looking forward to a formal shop.

    Your instructions and how to's are well documented. I had a small hicup when trying to use latest version of Python. I uninstall it and installed version 2.6 and I got it running in no time.

    Once more, thank you
  2. Egill R. Erlendsson said on 2011-03-23, 17:46
    Would love to be able to have user/pass access control as well as IP based.
  3. Bjarni R. Einarsson said on 2011-04-01, 08:49
    potosi_no: Thanks!

    Egill: I am working on that, actually. You can obviously do it today by reconfiguring your web server, but we're hoping that we can make it more user friendly by adding a nice UI to PageKite.
  4. Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson said on 2011-06-08, 17:01
    I've moved remke's questions here:
  5. Bernard said on 2011-07-23, 13:07
    Just launced Pagekite on my Windows laptop: works fine!
    Can I run Pagekite on Windows as a service? A howto would be nice (a 1 click installer would be perfect).
    It would be nice if would print at startup a clear message where to find your site.
    Something like:
    PageKite version xx is up and running.
    Visit your site at

    and not the very technical output stuff: this is usefull if things go wrong but useless if everthing is ok.

  6. Klaus Alexander Seistrup said on 2015-01-04, 11:20
    It would be sweet if * were dual stacked IPv6/IPv4.
  7. Alberto said on 2015-07-21, 14:28
    Please make this wiki searchable
  8. matt said on 2015-11-01, 19:41
    I still cant get this to work with yunohost (self hosting distro: ) . Pagekite does not show the yunohost server front end. (firefox says' The page isn't redirecting properly') Desperate to get this working as pagekite and yunohost are ideal partners, but it refuses to show it correctly. If I disable pagekite firewall I can access my wordpress blog from yunohost ( ) but thats all I cant access the main yunohost front page. ) Any help or fix would be great.

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