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Goodbye 0.3, hello 0.4!

By Bjarni RĂșnar 2011-10-12, 16:03

We are currently putting the final touches on updating our website for 0.4.x, and removing support for the 0.3.x series. Why? Because the 0.4 version is just better in every way!

Most importantly, we now have a much simpler downloads page, a mini-installer and the QuickStart guide has been brought up to date. Many of the wiki and support pages have also been updated. Another change, is that we no longer require that people create accounts on before using the program, because itself can now take care of the sign-up process the first time it is used.

Getting started with PageKite can literally be done in two commands:

$ curl -s | sudo bash
$ 80

Any and all feedback on the new documentation, installation and sign-up processes are more than welcome!


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