the fast, reliable localhost tunneling solution

Open Source PageKite

PageKite is a reverse proxy tool that connects local servers to the public Internet.

It gives proper domain names to servers running on localhost and makes them visible to the world, bypassing NAT and firewalls. PageKite works today on any computer with a modern Python (2.x) interpreter ( and a C-language version (libpagekite) for embedded devices is under development.

You can download the code (see the sidebar), inspect how it works and modify it to suit your needs. Or just use it:

  • Run on any machine to expose localhost web servers or SSH servers to the global Internet. It drills right through most firewalls and works over virtually any Internet connection.
  • can turn any machine with a public IP address into your own personal "front-end".
  • Instead of running your own front-end, you can sign up for a account and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Free accounts are available to FOSS developers and everyone else's subscription fees directly support the on-going development of PageKite.


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If you would like to support PageKite's development, please feel free to buy service or send some coins to our donations address.