the fast, reliable localhost tunneling solution

The fast, reliable way to make localhost part of the Web.

PageKite makes local websites or SSH servers publicly accessible in mere seconds, and works with any computer and any Internet connection.

It's also 100% Open Source. Download

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Windows flight plan

  1. Download and install Python 2.7
  2. Download to your Desktop
  3. Run the program!

Answer a few quick questions and you'll be flying in no time.

How Can PageKite Help Me?

Hackers & Tinkerers

  • Any computer can be a server!
  • Simplify SSH access to mobile or virtual devices.
  • Avoid the limitations of dynamic DNS.
  • Stop worrying about IP addresses, port numbers, routers, firewalls, ...
  • Protect your privacy by taking control of your data and logs.
  • Use the source, Luke!

Web Developers

  • Let colleagues and clients test or remote-debug directly off your computer.
  • Simplify testing on mobile devices and live networks.
  • Run webhooks, API servers or git repos on your desktop - or in a VM.
  • Develop Facebook apps using our wild-card SSL certificate.
  • Work from anywhere, even over 3G or limited WiFi.
  • Secure your work with HTTP auth. and SSL encryption.

Embedded Developers

How Does It Work?

your servers run on your computers ... gives your servers public DNS names and connects them to the clouds ... front-ends relay traffic for the kites.

See the quick-start guide, FAQ or feature list for details.      


PageKite lets HTTP & SSH servers run on any device.

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable and fast
  • Stable DNS names
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Use your own domains
  • Automatic https:// security
  • Open Source, designed for security, privacy & digital freedom.



1 month free trial.

Individuals can use it for free or pay what you want: we ask for a mere $3 USD/month.

Subscription, group and embedded plans for the pros from $5.99 USD/month.

Pricing details


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