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About us

The Beanstalks Project ehf. is an independent, employee-owned company. It was registered in Reykjavik, Iceland, in August 2010. What a wonderful day that was!

Our mission is to give you the freedom to publish your content as you see fit, using your own devices and keeping all your data directly under your control. PageKite is how we do that.

We want to empower you to use the World Wide Web for communication on your own terms - publicly or privately, it should be your choice. While your personal data remains on your own devices, no faceless corporation can "steal" it by changing a few words in some obscure Privacy Policy or some default settings in a centralized database.

We don't agree that your Internet Service Provider should have the right to prevent you from running a server. In the name of "security", most people's freedom to express themselves on-line is being artificially restricted by draconian firewalls. PageKite is designed to work around such restrictions.

Finally, we believe people should always have the freedom to inspect and modify the software they rely on. With PageKite, that is guaranteed: PageKite is open source, free software.

Please feel free to get in touch.

Meet the team

Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson
Lead developer, free software guy

Bjarni has been a prominent member of the Icelandic Free Software and Internet communities for more than 15 years, recently receiving the Nordic Free Software Award at FSCONS 2010 as recognition for his efforts. Professionally, Bjarni has worked as programmer, systems administrator, spam fighter and “Site Reliability Engineer” for Google in Ireland. PageKite is his first attempt to make software freedom his full-time job.

Már Örlygsson
Web developer, usability expert

Már Örlygsson has worked as a professional web-developer, user interface and accessibility designer, and web design consultant (in addition to brief stints as a graphic designer) since 1996. Throughout his career he has been employed by the leading web-development companies in Iceland, and is well known within the field for quality craftsmanship as well as his vision for the web. Már is responsible for design and usability of our website and branding.


Ewelina Barczuk

For our 1st two years, Ewelina organized our lives and papers and took care of most non-technical aspects of our marketing and sales strategies. Ewelina loves traveling and was very happy whenever one of us was invited to a conference. And very unhappy when she got left behind... Ewelina has since moved on to pursue her passion for the travel industry. We wish her the best of luck.


The Beanstalks Project ehf.
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