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By Bjarni R. Einarsson 2018-04-18, 11:20

This wiki page contains a collection of How-To recipes and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about how to use PageKite.

It is probably wise to read the QuickStart guide first, before diving in here.


Microsoft Windows

Apple Mac OS X


The TechnicalManual and OpenSource pages contain many more technical details and examples.


  1. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson said on 2011-06-09, 20:34
    I moved some off-topic comments to the forum:
  2. Akinza said on 2012-02-16, 11:23
    Hi, How to remove PageKite from the System, because after installing this I am able to work with my localhost in my PC
  3. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson said on 2012-02-16, 12:20
    Akinza, I created a new wiki page to answer this question:
  4. tom said on 2013-04-30, 17:43
    good service,good soft ,but less Payment Method. when it can be paid by paypal or alipy?
  5. ahmed wahdan said on 2013-08-16, 15:38
    i need bash code to test that pagekite script make a successful connection to proxy
  6. Jake said on 2016-06-23, 17:28
    This link is broken:

    Perhaps the MacClient does not exist anymore and this was just overlooked.
    If it does still exist, I want to check it out.

  7. Karan said on 2016-06-29, 06:45
    Hi BjarniRunar,
    I am trying to create mysql server that can be accessed publicly. I was able to run pagekite on my local machine.. But when I try to connect it with mysql bench its giving error. COuld you please tell me the steps or link to any documnets about this.
  8. dynamo said on 2016-06-29, 15:20
    What/where is link to download pagekite.cfg from account?
  9. Abdelaali Benali said on 2016-08-27, 03:12
    je vous remercie pour vos efforts de nous faire apprendre à apprendre
  10. Hossam Kandeal said on 2016-11-02, 07:32
    i just created an account today with 2 G quota and after few minutes my quota became 1 M !!
  11. Guus said on 2016-11-08, 15:47
    I can't start my kite:

    >>> Creating kite: [CTRL+C = Cancel]

    *** Kite creation failed!
    *** Error code: :Access denied">
    *** Try again later?

    What am I doing wrong?
  12. Guus said on 2016-11-10, 14:44
    I have solved the problem. I found the hidden configuration file .pagekite.rc in the home directory and added the required info. After that it worked properly.
  13. tor said on 2016-12-11, 17:10
    I can not connect to pagekite with the android application since this morning. I get a message: ... failed to communicate with server ..... help me
  14. Kr Prateek said on 2017-02-23, 18:20
    My website lives online for 15 mins only (since i am on trail period). How can I restart it so that it lives for another 15 min?
  15. Damini Bhavsar said on 2017-04-28, 10:48
    How to change the user sign up if we have already signed up with another user? When i have installed pagekite i have been signed up with another account , but due to new pagekite domain i need to switch to new account and here i was unable to login to that new account.

    I am getting this error. Please assist me about the same.

    *** Kite creation failed!
    *** Sorry, that domain ( is unavailable.
    *** If you registered it already, perhaps you need to log on with
    *** a different e-mail address?
  16. Merlin said on 2017-10-31, 11:12
    The link to the MacClient (the native Mac OSX client for PageKite) is still giving a 404.
  17. gg said on 2018-10-13, 13:02
    What about email servers behind pagekit?
    They would need PTR records to avoid bouncing (How the phishers last months did without it I don't have a clue).
  18. Jah said on 2018-11-04, 20:07
    Can you please create a Redis Server backend / Page Kite Frontend How /TO?
  19. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson said on 2018-11-08, 11:24
    Hey folks, this really is not the right place for tech support questions. :-)

    But quickly:

    * Redis behind PageKite is probably impossible.
    * E-mail servers behind PageKite are also currently impossible and may always be impossible due to security/privacy concerns.
    * If you have previously signed up with an account you no longer wish to use, delete (or edit) your .pagekite.rc or pagekite.cfg file.
    * There is no custom Mac client at the moment, it's just

  20. Amara said on 2018-11-28, 15:36
    My website is not working temporery unavilibiliy
  21. run beef said on 2019-05-10, 08:08
    how i configure pagekit to work with beef over wan on port 3000
  22. klaus said on 2019-05-20, 14:37
    Hello! This is v1.0.0.190225. [CTRL+C = Stop]
    Connecting to front-end relay ...
    - Relay supports 10 protocols on 19 public ports.
    - Raw TCP/IP (HTTP proxied) kites are available.
    - To enable more logging, add option: --logfile=/path/to/logfile
    Abuse/DDOS protection: Relaying traffic for up to 5 clients per 10800s.
    Quota: You have 31 days, 5.0 tunnels left.
    ~<> Flying localhost:80 as
    !!! - (FAIL: localhost:80 is
    ~<> Flying localhost:80 as
    << [flying] Kites are flying and all is well.
    what's wrong?
  23. Laravel Project does not run on PageKite server said on 2019-06-24, 06:13
    I am working with Laravel website project. I had install PageKite and try to run the website. But it always shows an error. In PageKite shell, it says failed to connect

    When running in cmd php artisan serve --port=8000, failed to listen on

    what is the problem?
  24. Roberto Moreira said on 2019-09-13, 13:13
    After Page Kite installation and try to run a website, i have this message:
    The website is unreachable at the moment. The computer is connected to the Internet, but the site itself is not responding. Possible explanations:

    The web-server software may be turned off
    The site may be misconfigured
    Access may be restricted (see: security)

    The web server is running and the firewall is off. What´s wrong?
  25. Dienmayades said on 2020-01-20, 04:08
    I have solved the problem.

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