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PageKite on Android

By Bjarni R. Einarsson 2020-02-18, 22:43

To use PageKite on Android, we recommend installing Termux and using the most current from there.

The Android app which we used to offer is now completely obsolete and we do not currently have an Android developer on staff to bring it up to date. If you are interested in doing that work (for a reasonable fee), please get in touch and make us an offer!


  1. Natanael L said on 2011-03-17, 14:39
    Useful hints:

    Make sure you put both and in /sdcard/sl41/scripts.

    Also remember to set the right domain name and secret in the variables in the file! You will know which ones I am talking about when you see them, they are at the top of the file.

    On some devices you might have to change the path to /mnt/sdcard/[...] because of the device configuration (like on my Galaxy S).
  2. Natanael L said on 2011-03-17, 14:40
    Meh, typo. /sdcard/sl4a/scripts it is. Anyway, this is VERY exiting, I can run a webserver with a click!
    Only two variables to change (equavilent to username and password), and then you just run it and it works!
  3. Bjarni R. Einarsson said on 2011-03-17, 15:12
    Thanks Natanael! I assume the wiki edits to add this information were yours as well? Thanks for that as well!
  4. Natanael L said on 2011-04-05, 11:36
    Yes, I did edit it. I did my best to make it simple.
  5. Joker said on 2022-01-24, 12:45
    traffic for up to 1 clients per 14400s
    Ihave to keep alive to peer 1 s
  6. Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson said on 2022-02-08, 13:26
    Dear Joker, if you are seeing rate limits like that it means your account has been flagged for phishing. If your use is legitimate you probably want to contact support to get the restrictions lifted.

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