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PageKite on Android

By Bjarni R. Einarsson 2016-06-29, 15:07



  1. Natanael L said on 2011-03-17, 14:39
    Useful hints:

    Make sure you put both and in /sdcard/sl41/scripts.

    Also remember to set the right domain name and secret in the variables in the file! You will know which ones I am talking about when you see them, they are at the top of the file.

    On some devices you might have to change the path to /mnt/sdcard/[...] because of the device configuration (like on my Galaxy S).
  2. Natanael L said on 2011-03-17, 14:40
    Meh, typo. /sdcard/sl4a/scripts it is. Anyway, this is VERY exiting, I can run a webserver with a click!
    Only two variables to change (equavilent to username and password), and then you just run it and it works!
  3. Bjarni R. Einarsson said on 2011-03-17, 15:12
    Thanks Natanael! I assume the wiki edits to add this information were yours as well? Thanks for that as well!
  4. Natanael L said on 2011-04-05, 11:36
    Yes, I did edit it. I did my best to make it simple.
  5. Vijay Kumar Salian said on 2015-03-13, 06:53

    Is there any way where we can use my embedded webserver which is on the tethered wifi network of my ANdroid Phone?

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