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About Our Wiki

By Ewelina 2021-05-13, 15:45

How does it work?

A wiki is a collection of pages which are easily modified and collaboratively built by their readers. Wikipedia is the most famous example, but there are many others.

This wiki is for users of PageKite who want to help each other out by sharing their experiences with the tool.

If you have logged in, you should see an edit link in the upper-right of the main content area - if you click on that, you can modify the page contents. If you do not see the link, then you either need to log-in, or a site administrator has locked that particular page. Anonymous contributions can be made as comments.

By adding a new WikiWord, you can create a link to a wiki page. If the page does not already exist, you will be given the chance to create it when you follow the link. Pages can have AttachedFiles.

This wiki uses a variant of Markdown for formatting, because it is easy to read and write, while still being quite powerful.

Also, you might want to check our PlayGround. :-)


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