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Wiki Words

By Bjarni R. Einarsson 2015-01-18, 22:17

Like many others, this wiki recognizes two or more capitalized words, run together without spaces, as links or references to other pages in the wiki.

Like this: WikiWord.

If you really want spaces, you can use underscores: Wiki_Word

This wiki also recognizes simple hierarchies, using Unix-like paths. "Sample/CategorizedWikiWord" gets displayed like so: CategorizedWikiWord, while still being quite different from CategorizedWikiWord (which looks the same but has no category).

If you need to write something that looks like a WikiWord, but isn't, you can prefix it with a < > (without the space), to get this effect: WikiWord, or put quotation marks around it: "WikiWord".

Edit this page to see the code.