the fast, reliable localhost tunneling solution

Overview - What is PageKite?

PageKite is a system for connecting your localhost servers to the public Internet, giving them names and making them globally accessible. It works on most common operating systems and it doesn't matter what kind of Internet connection you have.

  • Using a laptop over 3G? No problem.
  • A desktop sharing an ADSL line with 10 other computers? That's fine too.
  • Is port 80 already taken on your virtual cloud server? PageKite can help.

PageKite opens up a whole world of new possibilities - see below for some examples of what it can do for you. Maybe you'll come up with something we didn't even think of!

How Can PageKite Help Me?


Temporarily share and show off your designs and works in progress, without having to upload them first ...

Web Developers

Test live sites directly off your workstation or laptop, saving time by not having to deploy to a staging server in every single iteration ...

Hackers & Tinkerers

Host a live web or SSH server on any computer and any network, without having to worry about IP addresses and port number, routers and DNS ...

Admins & Tech Support

Directly access machines you are responsible for whenever they are on-line, even if they are mobile or trapped behind restrictive firewalls ...

Embedded Developers

Take part in the Internet Of Things by giving all your devices names and a live presence on-line - using standard, royalty free protocols ...


Learn by doing: in minutes you can have a live Internet server running on your own computer, visible to the world ...


Share family photos and videos with loved ones, without having to put your most personal data under some corporation's control ...

The Technology


Read about the features that make PageKite a unique and powerful addition to your computing toolkit.

So many features is the program that connects your localhost servers to the public Internet, gives them names and makes them visible to the outside world. And it's open source, too!

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A highly optimized, open source implementation of PageKite in C, libpagekite, is available on GitHub. This is used in production by embedded applications where performance and size are at a premium.

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