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Chat With Us!

Tech Support

If you are a user or customer, please feel welcome to chat directly with us using the chat widget in the lower right corner of this page.

Being in Iceland, mid-way between Europe and America, we are usually around during European afternoons and U.S. East-coast mornings. But even if we aren't online, other members of our community might be (see below).

Community Chat

PageKite techies and some of our more dedicated users also hang out on the #pagekite IRC channel, on the Freenode network.

You can join us there either using your own IRC client, or the official Freenode web-chat.

IRC hints

  • Choose whatever nickname you like.
  • After connecting, it is best to ask your question and then wait patiently.
  • Note, we may be at a meeting - or asleep! We always reply in the end, waiting does work.
  • Look for BjarniRunar, he created PageKite. Other members of the community may be present and helpful, but probably cannot answer questions about money or service specifics.
  • The channel is public, what you say can be seen by many people.
  • Please be polite!

Many thanks to the Freenode operators who make this possible.