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Filezilla configuration

By maxigas 2021-09-21, 18:08

The Problem

The Debian Administration website has a nice article on setting up OpenSSH > 4.8 to provide jailed sftp access to users in the sftponly group on Debian GNU/Linux.

But how to configure Filezilla on the client side (e.g. on the computer of the user who wants to log in to upload and download files)?

The Solution

In these instructions you have to replace $SITE with the name of your kite, the $USER and $PASSWORD with the username and password on the remote system. Remember well that $USER and $PASSWORD are NOT your pagekite username and password, but the sftp username and password you configured on the remote system according to the howto above (or similarly)!

0) Download and launch Filezilla on your local system.

1) top menu: Edit -> Settings

2) side menu: Connection -> FTP -> Generic proxy

3) tab: Type of generic proxy -> HTTP 1.1 using CONNECT method

4) below that:

  Proxy host = "$"
  Proxy port = "443"
  Proxy user = "$"
  Proxy pass = "$PASSWORD"

5) push the OK button. :)

6) top menu: File -> Site manager

7) push the New site button.

8) General tab:

  Host = "$"
  Port = "22" (not really necessary)
  Protocol: select SFTP - SSH File transfer protocol
  Logon type: select Normal
  User = "$USER"
  Password = "$PASSWORD"

9) push the Connect button.

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