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Which web-server are good on Windows?

By Bjarni R. Einarsson 2011-10-12, 16:00

PageKite is compatible with any standards compliant HTTP server, so you can use whatever you like. If you just want to share the contents of a folder on your computer with the web, it may be easiest to just use's built-in server.

Something like this may do the trick (run from the cmd.exe command line):

cd C:\Users\Yourname\Desktop C:\Path\To\Folder

Note: This assumes you saved to your Desktop, if you put it somewhere else you may need a different cd command.

Here are a few other suggestions:

  • XAMPP is very powerful and can run popular apps like WordPress.
  • The HFS server is nice and simple for sharing files or static websites. Web developers like this one.
  • ... or check out the PythonOnlyWebServer.


  1. babadofar said on 2011-03-19, 07:55
    Cassini is another, open source web server for Windows.
    It is developed from the web server integrated with Visual Studio.
  2. Tai said on 2011-08-02, 15:55
    I use WAMPserver
  3. Emmanuel Nwaeze said on 2015-09-12, 12:14
    I use XAMPP. Pagekite is wonderful.
  4. Subramaniya Siva S said on 2021-09-17, 11:32
    how to use apache web server in pagekite. My address is localhost:8080/sanSuriya/index.html

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