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Which web-server should I use on my Mac?

By Bjarni R. Einarsson 2011-03-03, 21:48

Apache is already installed on your Mac!

Just turn on the PersonalWebServer and there you go (follow the link for details).

You can also use the PythonOnlyWebServer and many of the Linux and Generic solutions from the HowTo work as well.


  1. buzz said on 2011-03-03, 11:35
    Alternatives to the built-in Mac OSX web server include MAMP at and the Mac version of XAMPP at Both are free.

    They include the Apache web server, PHP, MySQL, SQLite and related applications. Many web content management systems require PHP and MySQL.

    Why use MAMP or XAMPP, when Mac OSX also contains PHP and MySQL? It is simpler, safer and more convenient to use MAMP/XAMPP than to enable PHP and SQL natively on the Mac.
  2. Rick said on 2012-10-04, 23:18
    If you are running the OSX Mountain Lion, you may well want to go with MAMP. It's much more difficult to get Apache running now.

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