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Newebe + Pagekite

By echorand 2012-02-20, 17:38

Newebe is a distributed social network based on the idea that all your data remains on a data storage device you own and control - for example, your laptop's hard-disk. Let's see how you can get started.

Installing Newebe

The installation guide is pretty much all you need to get started with newebe. Once you have completed the steps, visit in your browser and you should see the Newebe screen asking you to register, etc.

Your Public face

If you are a Pagekite user, you will know what Pagekite can do for you. Go ahead and create a domain/sub-domain for yourself on your Pagekite account, and on your local computer, simply do: 8000 <kitename>, where <kitename> is your kite name - top-level or sub-domain. For eg, mine was <> (Note that this link may not work when you click!). And you are flying high!

What next?

  • So, what do you do next? First setup a URL for yourself on your Newebe page: something like <>

  • Next, convince some of your geek friends to follow this guide and setup their own accounts.

  • Get adding each other and have fun!


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