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Development Roadmap

By Bjarni R. Einarsson 2012-07-26, 14:46

This is a rough description of what technical work we have planned for in the next few months. See also our GSoC 2011 ProjectIdeas for a list of things we would like to work on, but may not have had time for yet.

Summer 2012

  • 0.5.x
    • IPv6 support
    • Request firewall
  • libpagekite

    • Initial public "Hello World" capable release
    • Optional TLS and gzip compression support
    • Full back-end proxying capability (pagekite.c)
    • Dynamic DNS updates, connection reestablishment
  • PageKite for Android

    • Built on libpagekite via. the NDK

Fall 2012

  • 0.6.x
    • Windows and Linux GUI
    • Windows packaging
    • OS X desktop integration
    • OS X packaging

to be continued ...


  1. RANAIVOSON said on 2014-04-03, 12:31
    After my one month trial, what I'm expected to do?

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