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By Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson 2011-07-08, 20:04

This is a quick-and-dirty tool for combining multiple .py (or other text) files into a single script, making it easier to distribute/deploy Python scripts along with their dependencies.

Usage example: directory/ ... >

All Python files (and directories) will be treated as modules, except the last one which will be treated as the 'main' body of the combined script. It is up to the caller to figure out which order to import files in, if there are dependencies between modules.

Breeder output scripts have been verified to be compatible as far back as Python 2.2.2 and should work with any Python 2.x release.

The Breeder source code lives on github - this is a direct download link.

Note: If you know you are targeting Python 2.6 or newer, you should probably use Python's native .zip support instead of this hack!


  1. jingtao said on 2013-08-08, 17:14
    can pybreeder dig into a directory recursively?

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