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By Ewelina 2019-05-03, 17:31

We build Free Software. We use Free Software. We love Free Software.

Whether it is Valentine's Day, or any other day of the year, we feel that Free Software plays a very important role in our lives, giving us freedoms we want and need.

To thank the Free Software Community, we would like to offer free as in beer accounts to those who create it.

So ...

  1. If you are a developer or a group of developers writing Free Software (as defined by the Debian Free Software Guidelines or the OSI Open Source definition)
  2. Your software has something to do with the web
  3. You're willing to link to us from your project's website (not necessarily the front page - installation instructions or wherever it seems most appropriate is fine)

Then just...

  1. Sign up for a PageKite account (unless you have one already)
  2. E-mail us your kite name and some information about your project (please include the URL of the page where you've linked back to us).


Enjoy your Freely Flying Kites! :-)

Free Software teams using PageKite

  • Unhosted
    A project that aims to strengthen free software against hosted software. Their protocol makes websites source code only, and decentralizes dynamic data to per-user storage nodes. Unhosted user data can also be encrypted to prevent Spying-for-free.

  • GNU MediaGoblin
    A GNU project that creates a decentralized media sharing tool. The team aims to provide an extensible, adaptive, and freedom-respectful software alternative to current art-and-media-related major internet services.

  • CampFireManager
    A tool designed to help you organise talks at BarCamp and Unconference Style events. It will automatically sort rooms by number of attendees, find time slots when your selected time slot is full and make full use of external sources to help streamline attendees interaction.

  • your project here!