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Leaving GoDaddy

By Bjarni Rúnar 2011-12-26, 17:39

Like many other startups, PageKite has decided to move our domains away from GoDaddy to a registrar with a more responsible attitude towards protecting free speech on the Internet. GoDaddy was one of the few online service providers to support the the controversial U.S. Stop Online Piracy Act, which most of the technical community agrees will be a disaster, threatening free speech and putting many legitimate Internet companies out of business if it becomes law.

GoDaddy has many other problems, but this was the last straw. We are leaving.

After browsing around a bit, we decided to go with Gandi, a French company that has been getting good reviews online and wrote a nice position piece on their attitude towards SOPA. We agree with them, and we like their "No Bullshit" motto. It is a welcome bonus that their website is ever so much nicer to navigate and use than GoDaddy's.

These instructions made the transfer process relatively easy, and we have already transferred most of our less used domains, transferred itself and are in the process of moving the critical domain.

Unfortunately, we made a foolish mistake while transfering we assumed that the exported zone files from GoDaddy's systems were formatted correctly. It turns out they were not (trailing dots were missing from the MX records - a rookie mistake) and as a result e-mail to our addresses was undeliverable for a few hours. We have fixed the problem, but it may take a few more hours for the incorrect entries to expire from DNS caches around the world. In the meantime, sending mail to the same addresses at should work fine.

So, that's that. Goodbye, GoDaddy. Hello Gandi!


  1. Gudjon said on 2011-12-26, 21:20
    Didn't they withdraw their support?
  2. Björgvin said on 2011-12-26, 21:43
    GoDaddy would have to actively oppose the bill if they wanted to make up for the damage they have already done.
  3. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson said on 2011-12-26, 21:43
    The fact that they supported it in the first place is bad enough, PR posturing in the face of losing thousands or even millions of dollars doesn't exactly prove that they've changed their ways or learned their lesson. I addition, I have been feeling unhappy with their service for a while, this was really just the nudge we needed.

    Also: and

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