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Accepting Bitcoin

By Bjarni RĂșnar 2014-12-28, 14:31

Today we decided to jump on the bandwagon with all the other cool kids, and start accepting the Bitcoin electronic currency as a way to pay for PageKite service! We have set up two different Bitcoin addresses:

Donations to the Open Source project:
1P28Ke4FPrumagwDu6VLb7FibjQJ7UtV6f (info)

Purchasing PageKite service:
1LFWCDD7qr4Le3hFmqMofnisJAySRTGJv3 (info)

As a token of gratitude to those of you who decide to help us test the new system, we are offering PageKite service at a significant discount (given today's rates), if purchased using Bitcoin.

Important: Once you have made a transfer, please get in touch via e-mail and let us know, including information about which account is yours! This is necessary because not all Bitcoin clients correctly pass along the identification code which will let us link the transaction to your account.

Note that fulfillment is currently manual, so it may take up to 2 business days for your account to be updated. If this Bitcoin proves popular, we will of course streamline this and automate.

Edit 2012-12-28: Updated prices, Bitcoin ain't worth what it used to be!


  1. mdjhanif said on 2014-12-30, 01:08
    Do not work

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