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PageKite is hiring!

By Bjarni Rúnar 2014-04-29, 16:34

Hello! We're hiring!

PageKite would like to hire a Free Software hacker for the summer! We have a couple of tasks in mind (applicants should specify which they are interested in). If all goes well there may be an opportunity for longer term part-time employment.

Task #1: Make our Windows support awesome

  • Complete the port of libpagekite to Windows
  • Write a simple Windows GUI based on libpagekite
  • If necessary, package the tool for distribution
  • Other things, depending on time, skills and interest...
  • Requirements:
    • Experience building simple GUI applications and working with C or C++ in Microsoft Visual Studio

Task #2: Make our Mac support awesome

  • Optionally, port libpagekite to Mac OS X
  • Write a simple Mac GUI based on libpagekite or
  • Package the result for distribution
  • Requirements:
    • Experience building simple GUI applications for the Mac

In all cases, applicants must be able to work independently and without a fixed office. We will use e-mail, Etherpad, IRC, Skype and Github to communicate and share work.

Our budget should roughly pay for one full-time programmer for the entire summer, but if you're flexible then so are we - the sooner you can, start the better. Part time work is fine. Remote work is also fine, although we do have a slight preference for folks based in Reykjavík, Iceland (folks from outside Iceland must be able to work as contractors, handle their own taxes and send invoices for their work). We encourage mothers, students and folks with funny hair to apply.

All code will be released as Open Source (the Apache 2.0 license) and the programmer retains full copyright to his or her work.

The deadline for applications is May 15th, 2014. Please send applications via. e-mail to bre (at) Bonus points for signing and encrypting your mail!


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