the fast, reliable localhost tunneling solution v1.0 released

By Bjarni RĂșnar 2019-02-25, 13:50

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of version 1.0!

Highlights since v0.5.9:

  • The version number is v1.0!
  • User interface improvements, to clarify quota and rate-limiting status
  • Many refinements to the front-end relay selection algorithm
  • Many new features to assist with running high-volume relays (

In particular, the front-end relay selection changes should improve the availability and performance of your kites, while reducing somewhat the load on the shared relay infrastructure. This should be a win for everyone, but if you have problems please let us know.

Version 1.0 comes with a roadmap

The full version number for this release is actually v1.0.0.190225, but this is our first 1.0 release, so all those extra digits don't matter all that much - yet! We have changed versioning schemes; the date of release is now embedded in the version number and for minor bug-fixes that may be all that changes. Aside from that, we will attempt to stick with semantic versioning best practices.

And of course, the core code has been stable for a long time now and rather than conservatively sit around at v0.5, we're now calling it v1.0.

This release also comes with a vague road-map:

  • v1.5 will drop support for legacy Python versions (2.6 and below), but add support for Python 3.x.
  • v2.0 will use libpagekite to speed everything up.

Our road-map does not come with any dates or deadlines. The code will be ready when it's ready.

Thanks for using PageKite!


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