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Strange activity on my kite...

By macbroadcast 2012-04-26, 14:32

After i could not start my pagekite and saw it was available with a different ip i deleted it. Was there anything happening in the past days ?




  1. macbroadcast said on 2012-04-26, 14:33 its still on but its not me lol
  2. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson said on 2012-04-26, 18:39
    Not sure what you mean by strange activity, but as far as I can tell everything is normal with your account.
  3. macbroadcast said on 2012-04-26, 19:15
    My pagekite is not running and my actual ip is, so who runs my pagekite ?
  4. macbroadcast said on 2012-04-26, 19:16
    Disabled: 2012-04-25
  5. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson said on 2012-04-26, 22:06
    Why do you think your pagekite is running? As far as I can tell, it is not.

    Note however that PageKite uses normal DNS for naming, and DNS is a distributed and highly cached system - your local ISP may have stored some DNS information about your kite name that is no longer valid and may be showing you different results from what we see at our end. This is sadly just how the Internet works and is out of our control.

    To complicate things further, you seem to have manually changed the IP address of your kite's public DNS name at some point, pointing it to some site which has nothing to do with the PageKite service at all. We provide this option for advanced users who want to manually direct their names to servers under their own control. However, if you use this option, you're not really using PageKite anymore.

    If you changed this setting without understanding what it does, then the expected result is that your requests for your website will go to some random place and you'll be getting some random reply. Confusing as this may be, that is actually *normal*. :-)

    We may have to look into adding some warning signs or even hiding the IP address modification feature, it's probably very confusing to people who don't know the ins and outs of DNS and HTTP and PageKite itself.
  6. macbroadcast said on 2012-04-27, 04:17
    This is and never was my ip and what does this error mean ?
  7. macbroadcast said on 2012-04-27, 04:18
    inetnum -
    netname LINODE-UK
    descr Linode, LLC
    country GB
    admin-c TA2589-RIPE
    tech-c TA2589-RIPE
    tech-c LA538-RIPE
    remarks This block is used for static customer allocations
    remarks Please send abuse reports to
    status ASSIGNED PA
    mnt-by Linode-mnt
    source RIPE # Filtered
  8. macbroadcast said on 2012-04-27, 04:27
    And i have not manualy changed anything ! ;)
  9. macbroadcast said on 2012-04-27, 05:14
    I deactivated the pagekite 3 times and when i log in after a few hours its allways enabled with this ip and i got this error message yous ee on the screenshot above.
  10. macbroadcast said on 2012-04-27, 09:10
    And what does " Only connected to 1/2 front-ends, will retry " mean ?
  11. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson said on 2012-04-27, 10:06
    1) is the PageKite service front-end in London. This is the IP address chosen by because it is closest to you and provides the lowest latency. For privacy reasons the PageKite service does not record or display your personal, private IP address anywhere.

    2) Every account needs to have at least one kite name associated with it, so even if you disable it, it won't go away completely. Disabling in this case just means "remove from DNS so it disappears from the Internet" - but note that DNS changes can take hours or even days to propagate globally. If you then to connect a disabled kite name, it will simply re-enable it automatically as it cannot work without it.

    3) The "only connected ..." message suggests that discovered that your name was associated with multiple front-ends and it is trying to reestablish communication with all of them. If you manually changed your front-end IP using the /home/ interface to an IP not belonging to the PageKite service, then it will fail to make a connection. This is usually not a problem in practice.

    4) If you are certain that you never changed the IP address of your kite using the online web interface, then it is possible that someone has gained access to your account and is playing tricks on you. If you think that is the case, I recommend changing your password as soon as possible.

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