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Start pagekite on startup on OpenWrt

2017-08-13, 14:20

Hello all,

I am struggling to make the script to run at startup. Since I want to use this nice tool on a Linkit Duo microcompter with OpenWrt os it's hard to find any tutorial on how it should be done.

I am able to run the python script manually without any problem but when I add the script in rc.local nothing happens. I saw on site that there is a tutorial for raspberry pi but in my case is not applicable.

Please give me a little help.

Thannks in advance.


  1. Tyler said on 2019-04-04, 04:00
    Hey, a little late here but I have got this to work finally!

    I created a file in /home/pi called "" containing the following:

    #! /bin/sh
    python --clean --frontend=DOMAIN:PORT --service_on=http:DOMAIN:localhost:PORT:SECRET

    I then just entered the following in Pi's crontab:

    @reboot /home/pi/

    It's not a perfect solution by any means, but it seems to actually work!

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