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Work firewall blocks access to services on Pagekite

2017-12-03, 09:34

I'm hosting SSH and OpenVPN from home through Pagekite. I can access them from networks outside home (connecting with the hotspot through my data plan, for example). However, at work we have a somewhat strict firewall and I cannot access them from work.

I can access websites HTTP and HTTPS directly at work. I understand that we connect to Pagekite through Pagekite's HTTP proxy. So, it should appear like HTTP traffic to our work firewall. However, our work firewall is able to block it. Is it because it's HTTP and not HTTPS? Do you think our work firewall inspect the cleartext traffic and catch Pagekite that way? How can I tell whether it's HTTP or HTTPS? Is there a way to make it encrypted/HTTPS so that our work firewall can't catch it?

Also, at home, I have these log lines with Pagekite related to my OpenVPN:

ts=5a23bfe0; t=2017-12-03T09:12:00; ll=27a0; info=DynDNS update failed: [('SSL routines', 'ssl3_get_server_certificate', 'certificate verify failed')];,
ts=5a23bfe0; t=2017-12-03T09:12:00; ll=27a1;; status=0x1101

What do these mean? Does it mean that it tries to encode the traffic but it's not able to?

Also these are there related to my SSH server:

ts=5a23bf62; t=2017-12-03T09:09:54; ll=2791; info=DynDNS update failed: [('SSL routines', 'ssl3_get_server_certificate', 'certificate verify failed')];,
ts=5a23bf62; t=2017-12-03T09:09:54; ll=2792;; status=0x1100
ts=5a23bf62; t=2017-12-03T09:09:54; ll=2793; debug=TunnelManager: problem=4, connecting=0
ts=5a23bf9f; t=2017-12-03T09:10:55; ll=2794; debug=TunnelManager: loop #963, interval=60

I replaced my user name with myusername in these logs.

If someone could shed light on these questions that would be great.


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