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Cannot get Https site online Localhost:443 is down

2012-02-19, 20:22


I have just finish setting up owncloud on my Ubuntu 11.10 server an cannot get the https front end to work. I am not a advent Linux user and only know enough to get apache to work. I tried setting up openssl and it is not working out will for me. When I enter my secure site in a browser is says that the SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. I restarted apache and it still remains the same. Any suggestions would help.


  1. Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson said on 2012-02-19, 23:54
    Do things work without https? What commands or configuration lines are you using to start pagekite? Please paste a copy into a comment (just remove any passwords and change the kite name to protect your privacy).