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Access to DVR streaming web server

By BARRELLON Remi 2014-02-24, 15:05

Hi, I'm facing an issue to connect to my DVR (video-surveillance streaming web server) installed at home. To explain simply, my only possibility to connect to internet is by satellite. Unfortunaltely, my ISP is Tooway (Ka-sat) and they don't provide public/visible IP and moreover, are blocking all entering request on all ports (only outgoing request are allowed ; so no FTP or Web server allowed..).

So, i tried a lot of thing (even VPN) but it failed because of those restrictions... Now i'm trying Pagekite which seems to be for me the only solution ! :) But for now, it fails..

Here is my configuration : I have one modem ( connected to one router ( On the router, i have one computer connected ( & my DVR web server ( I disconnected all firewall and set the router to route port 80 to the DVR Now, i set Pagekite and after first launch, now i got : "Hello, this is v0.5.6d...[] Flying localhost:80 as (XXXX is my DNS so i keep it secret) 69.164.211..... ***BLOCKED: GET /adminupdat.htm []... Kites are flying and all is well"

I tried to change the command line to set : $ or $

But system answers "SyntaxError : Invalid Syntax".

Could you please help me how to configure it to make it work with my DVR ? Thanks in advance, your my only solution remaining...


  1. BARRELLON Remi said on 2014-02-27, 12:14
    Hi, i succeed to fix my blocking issue (NAT settings updated then it works).
    BUT, i still have an opened issue i don't success to fix.
    When i flyed my LAN webserver, i can get the "web service page" through a web explorer.
    This means i can contact from outside (WAN) my DVR, great !
    But i cannot log in... This always write an error message "fail to connect to main connection".
    DVR uses port 8O, but as well TCP/UDP port 37777 & 37778.
    Probably only the 37777 is used with 80, but anyway, because of my ISP restrictions, 37777 is still blocked.
    * red With Pagekite, could i also fly several ports ? For instead, fly my DVR IP from port 80 and 37777 ?
    This will probably fix my acess issue to my DVR web site...

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