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Adding a domain to a running pagekite frontend

2012-01-11, 09:32

Is it possible to add a domain (with domain name and domain secret) while pagekite is running?


  1. Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson said on 2012-01-11, 17:07
    I think we discussed this on chat, but the basic answer was:

    No, currently changing the domains or backends of PageKite requires a restart. We handle live updates within the service by delegating all kite authorization requests to our dynamic DNS infrastructure, which unfortunately has not been completely opened up and released.

    For small users, a restart generally doesn't take long and most clients will reconnect immediately, so the impact is low. For larger users, we recommend sending us an e-mail describing your scenario and we'll see what advice we can give.
  2. Geoff said on 2013-10-28, 22:17
    So Pagekite is essentially not free, as in Commons, software. Its core is being locked away from the Commons by you to become a landlord? Surely your use of the word "unfortunately" is disingenuous as you are in control and can change the situation? Prior to reading the above, I had judged that you know just how important it is to change the absolutely dire current state of Internet's infrastructure. Mankind really needs the open organising potential of Gnunet tomorrow - we are in a terribly terribly state. (And it is rent seeking which has essentially got us there.) It is therefore immensely important that "our dynamic DNS infrastructure" is put into the Commons tomorrow. Please do not sacrifice social gain for rent. Please seek Eben's view on this.
  3. Jose Juan Montes said on 2014-09-09, 16:20
    +1 this is a much needed feature for those trying to deploy their own dynamic frontend infrastructure.

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