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2012-01-27, 21:15

It seems I am just too stupid to get the http-ssh-tunnel-thing working.

I edited /etc/ssh/ssh_config on my linux system: Port 443 ProxyCommand ssh -q -W %h:%p

And tried to connect with: ssh No luck.

Also ssh -D 443 did not work.

And the how-to here is for the OpenBSD version of ssh.

I'd be glad if someone could point me to the right direction. Thanks in advance.


  1. Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson said on 2012-01-28, 14:31
    That ProxyCommand looks wrong - you don't want to invoke ssh itself as the proxy command, you want to invoke something like netcat or corkscrew.

    The way it works is that if you use a ProxyCommand, instead of making a connection itself, the ssh program runs the ProxyCommand and lets it take care of making the connection instead.

    These are the most complete instructions we've got at the moment, but you may have to adapt them to your system - I know that at least some versions of netcat do not include support for HTTP proxying:

    If you have the pagekite RPM or Debian package installed on the *client* machine, you can also try using the included (experimental) lapcat tool as a ProxyCommand (just run lapcat with no arguments and it will give some hints about how to use it).

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