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WORDPRESS: few simple questions

By graphicmania 2013-06-04, 11:27

1> if wordpress site is located on localhost/wordpress. DOES tis effet the directly or info used to get website to view? 2> do you have to change the "localhost" to in wordpress config file? 3> Using xampp as local server - port 80. Do I need to do anything to axapp to het pagekite to work? 4> does it matter what the folder is called where your wordpress site is on?


  1. Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson said on 2013-06-07, 22:58
    I do not understand question 1, sorry.

    Regarding 2, yes, you need to configure Wordpress to use as its name, otherwise it will generate inaccessible URL paths. There may also be Wordpress plugins which allow multiple names so you could also access the site using the localhost name when working locally.

    3. No special xampp config sure be required, although for some things you may need to configure as a standard virtual host if you don't want the default site to be visible over PageKite.

    4. The names of folders does not matter.

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