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Rename a Kite

2012-05-30, 19:07

How can I rename a kite, or modify it once I've set it up on a local web server?

Every time I go to start it, it automatically starts up using the kite that I have setup on that server. I'd love to be able to change that to a different kite name.



  1. volleronline said on 2012-05-30, 20:18
    So, turns out you can just delete the pagekite.cfg file in your home directory and that forces a refresh of the pagekite setup the next time you launch pagekite.exe
  2. Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson said on 2012-05-30, 21:58
    Glad you figured it out. These things are a bit klunky for Windows users until we get a proper GUI version out - but from the command line it is relatively easy to add or remove kites using the --add and --remove flags. So something like this: --add 80

    ... although there are limits on how many "top level" kite names you can create this way, you can create as many sub-kites as you like, by prefixing ANYTHING- to your primary kite name. So

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