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Secure kitesecret

2013-05-11, 18:38


I've been using pagetkite for a short amount of time and so far it's pretty awesome, I use it mainly to connect to my dev machine from any place.

Now I'd like to add the .pagekite.rc file to my dotfiles repository, in apps such as mutt I can do it this way:

set my_decrypt=`gpg -o $HOME/.mutt/accounts/passwd.gpg.tmp -d $HOME/.mutt/accounts/passwd.gpg`
set my_passwd=`awk '/mail:/ {print $2}' $HOME/.mutt/accounts/passwd.gpg.tmp`

The password setting is encrypted in $HOME/.mutt/accounts/passwd.gpg and I can feed mutt with it, therefore I'm able to put mutt dotfile in Internet and be sure nobody can use it to review my mail.

In pagekite it's different, you have 2 settings:

  • kitename
  • kitesecret

Which must be filled with plan data, therefore I can't upload the file to the Internet because someone could see my data and configure its machine to act as my pagekite page.

My question is, do you know any workaround for this?


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