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Run pagekite in background?

2011-11-11, 05:41

So i´m running owncloud and pagekite.

Starting my kites with 80 works perfectly. But is there any way of getting this to the background? If I fire up my kite and then logout, it will break the kite. Is there some way to get around this if you compiled pagekite from source?


  1. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson said on 2011-11-14, 21:54
    Without knowing what operating system you are on, it is hard to give a proper answer. But if you are running Linux, you probably want to check out the RPM or Debian packages. The Wiki has the details. :-)
  2. Nick said on 2011-11-15, 02:25
    You can also cheat with nohup:

    $ nohup python &

    Nohup will leave PageKite running in the background after you logout.
  3. Bjoern said on 2012-04-19, 08:45
    To start pagekite on Power-ON add fowlling line to your crontab:
    @reboot /path/to/
    works with '.pagekite.rc' created by ' --signup'
  4. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson said on 2012-04-21, 02:14
    I really must reiterate my recommendation of using the .rpm og .deb packages if you can. Other solutions are hackish at best. :-)
  5. Kyle Roth said on 2019-04-17, 22:55
    You can also try using a tmux session. Enter a session ('tmux new -s kites'), run, and then press 'Ctrl+b' and then 'd' to detach. You can then logout and the kite will continue flying. Reattach with 'tmux a -t kites'. See more about tmux at
  6. AndrewP said on 2021-07-12, 20:55
    Is there a way to start PageKite as a windows service?

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