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Registering the new CNAME

2014-11-05, 10:36

When I try to add a CNAME kite I get the error: Not a service domain:, CNAME record not found for

Last year I became so frustrated with comparing hosts. I keep a very simple WordPress page mostly for work or projects - the page doesn't need an awesome host. My cell phone or desktop will do! (However I see that the pagekite android app can't use personal domains yet).

I installed pagekite on my Mac and switched my DNS to CloudFlare. CloudFlare DNS is set up with 'www' as an alias to <> - ( <> ). The kite itself works - I can see my webserver - but my domain only shows a Temporarily Unavailable page.

I believe the DNS is set up correctly (but maybe Cloudflare is incompatible?). Also, the config file should be: service_on = : localhost:80 : @kitesecret

However, not surprisingly I get this error when starting my pagekite: !!! REJECTED: (Invalid account or shared secret)

I'm using CloudFlare because my Mac is only connected to the internet when tethered to my cell phone. Cloudflare will keep my site online even when the computer/phone is not.

If I can get this to work I will totally pay for it! I had been using Hostgator but at least for me pagekite is a much better solution!


  1. Adam said on 2014-11-05, 10:40
    oops... looks like the formatting didn't go as expected - sorry!

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