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Tunneling OPC UA over PageKite

By Tito Brasolin 2012-10-29, 16:03

Has anyone had any success with tunneling OPC UA binary protocol over PageKite?

I am currently testing a number of OPC UA client and server tools, but cannot find a client which natively supports HTTP proxies.

I tried with proxychains with no success so far...


  1. Tito Brasolin said on 2012-10-29, 18:47
    Setting up a testing environment is easy with the scripts Unified Automation is providing, just download the JAVA based OPC UA SDK from here:

    Then run the (it is in the "samples" folder). As you can see, the simulation will bind a discovery endpoint to opc.tcp://

    I'm running pagekite with --service_on=raw/52520:NAME:localhost:52520:SECRET but cannot configure my system to let reach the sample server through the HTTP proxy NAME:443
  2. Tito Brasolin said on 2012-11-01, 07:47
    ... well, it looks like OPC UA definitely *can* be tunneled over PageKite: I had little doubt about that (any TCP based protocol should work) but I needed a quick proof of concept: a number of freely available tools helped me a lot, maybe I'll write a wiki page about them.
  3. Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson said on 2012-11-01, 11:16
    Tito, that's great news! Sorry I hadn't replied earlier, but I would have had to do some research and hadn't found time yet. Please do write about your experience, it's very helpful to everyone to have things like this documented - now you're the expert! :-)

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