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REJECTED: (Invalid account or shared secret)

2013-09-24, 02:48

I'm getting this error when trying to connect to a front-end behind a firewall...front-end port is open.

REJECTED: (Invalid account or shared secret)

I can't find any mention of what this error really means...assuming my secret key is the same on both the front-end and back-end...what does this mean?

front-end command on host A

python --clean --isfrontend --ports=7332 --protos=http,https --domain=http,

back-end command on host B python --clean


  1. Rafal said on 2014-08-04, 20:10
    I had the same problem, then I changed my cfg file entry:
    from: somethingsomething:localhost:80:SECRET
    to: somethingsomething:localhost:80:@kitesecret

    Then it was OK.

    Some syntax parsing discrepancies slipped through version updates?
  2. Gregoz said on 2015-11-11, 02:49
    I think somethin has change recently. I have a raspberry pi that has been running for months and working fine. Then suddenly one day I got "Invalid account or shared secret". I had a port 22 connection and an 80 but both done different ways:

    The SECRET 22 port would work but the @kitesecret would not . When I changed the port 80 to SECRET it worked.
    Which is the complete reverse from the above.
    Some inconsistencies here.

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