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FreedomBox (Debian) Installs

2019-05-04, 15:11

The FreedomBox software package from the FreedomBox Foundation, a Debian blend, includes PageKite functionality built-in. You can turn PageKite on from the System tab in Plinth by going to "Configure PageKite" and clicking the "Enable" checkbox. From there it's pretty straightforward. If you don't want anything besides pure PageKite tunneling using your PageKite URL, you can do it all right from the graphic user interface control panel.

Note that you can use the "Custom Services" tab to enable domain serving (i.e. you want to serve YOURDOMAIN.COM directly to your PageKite URL) but it's actually much easier to add the lines to the config files directly with SSH and the command line. The process is described here: CnamePageKites. Once you add them, they will show up in the Custom Services tab so you know they're working.

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