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NameCheap CNAME Configuration

2019-05-04, 14:50

If you use the domain registrar, here are the configuration settings you need to make it work with PageKite. (Current as of May 04 2019.)

  1. Go to your domain's control page by finding it in the Domain Name list and clicking "Manage."
  2. Click on "Advanced DNS."
  3. Delete all the existing forwarding records - if you just bought the domain and haven't done anything with it, there should be one pointing it to a parking page and one forwarding the base. Don't worry about which is which, just delete them all with the little trash can on each line. Note: If you do this, NameCheap may add the defaults back in. When you're done, if you have more than the two records described below, or a duplicate of the "@" wildcard record, delete the rest of them.

Now add the CNAME records. They should be added in this order.

  1. Click "Add New Record" under the now-blank record list. Set TYPE to "CNAME", HOST to "@", VALUE to "www.YOURDOMAIN.TLD", and TTL to "30 min". Note that "YOURDOMAIN.TLD" is whatever your base domain URL is. So if you were trying to serve "", you'd set VALUE to "" YOU MUST INCLUDE THE "www."

  2. Click "Add New Record" again. Set TYPE to "CNAME", HOST to "www", VALUE to "", and TTL to "30 min". Note that YOURPAGEKITE is whatever your unique PageKite ID is, so if your PageKite is "," you'd set VALUE to "". If you used the double-up trick described in the main CNAME entry on this wiki, you'd set it to "" or "" if you used the dash TLD format.

That's it! Your domain's Advanced DNS should contain those two CNAME records and only those two CNAME records. It should NOT contain any URL Forward records: those will not work with PageKite.

Good luck!

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