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The 0.3.x RPM packaging efforts

By Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson 2011-12-29, 15:12

NOTE: These details are outdated. Please use the modern RpmPackage instead.

A rpm package of is being developed on Github.


The latest .rpm package can be found (WARNING: outdated link!)

Fedora/RHEL/CentOS users should be able to install it by dowloading the package and then install it

rpm -ihv pagekite-0.3.19-0.noarch.rpm

(replace version number with the one you downloaded, hopefully the latest!)

How this is different

Using the RPM package is a fair bit different from using the stand-alone as distributed by

The main differences are that the RPM package will integrate into your system so that it starts up automatically (if 'chkconfig pagekite on' is set) and runs in the background, and it will ignore the .pagekite.rc file in your home directory and use files from /etc/ instead (see below for details).

Since it runs in the background, debugging and other log output is not sent to the console, but written to files in /var/log/pagekite/.


The configuration can then be found in the directory /etc/pagekite/. Backend definitions should be placed in /etc/pagekite/pagekite.rc and/or /etc/pagekite/local.rc. will not be started automatically on install. Manual starting and stopping of pagekite can be done with

service pagekite start/stop

To ensure that pagekite starts automatically use

chkconfig pagekite on

If you wish to run your own frontend, please look at the example in /usr/share/doc/pagekite-0.3.19-0/frontend.rc.sample

Intent to Package

Hopefully this package will be accepted into the Fedora Project repositories.


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