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Highlights of 2011

By Bjarni Rúnar 2011-12-31, 12:00

As is traditional at this time of year, we would like to look back at 2011 and think about the progress we have made. It has been a very busy year!

  • In January our open alpha test reached 100 users, making us extremely happy.
  • In March our service moved to "beta" status and we began accepting paying customers.
  • July was fantastic: we received a much appreciated 2-year grant from the Icelandic Technology Development Fund. We stopped panicing about running out of money.
  • In October we released version 0.4 of, which was much easier to use than 0.3.x.
  • November brought a nice surprise: an envelope we received in the mail turned out to contain a copy of C'T, one of Europe's largest tech publications. PageKite was reviewed in the magazine, for the first time in print!
  • Finally, in December we decided to move our domains away from GoDaddy to protest their support for SOPA.

We also gave talks and held workshops at multiple conferences in the meantime, including FOSDEM, Go Open, RMLL, FSCONS and numerous smaller events in our home town of Reykjavík, Iceland. Slides and recordings can be found on our events page.

We enjoyed meeting our users and hope to meet even more of you in the coming months - so if you're ever in Iceland drop us a line and maybe we can meet for a beer or a game of pool! :-)


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